At long last I can finally share what I’ve been working on! This announcement has been a long time coming as I first started researching CHURCHILL’S SPYMISTRESS in 2018, but kept getting delayed by my shoulder injury and surgeries. I have always been interested in women’s experiences in times of war and couldn’t resist being fascinated by real-life spymistress Vera Atkins and “her girls,” as she called her women agents in the Special Operations Executive, an intelligence organization Britain created at the beginning of WWII to infiltrate Nazi-occupied territories and build up resistance networks. Andree and Lise are amazing in their own right, with Andree being a young, scrappy member of the French resistance who trains with SOE and rises to second-in-command of the largest French resistance network, and Lise being a blue-blooded lady who creates her own resistance network and plays a vital role at Normandy during her two deployments into France. But the story is even so much deeper than that because of what happens to these and the other women and what Vera learns as a Nazi-hunter after the war about why it happened!!


I’m also beyond thrilled to be once again working with editor Amanda Bergeron who I’ve worked with on 10 of my existing novels!


I’ll share snippets as I continue to write!


And, yes, more Founding Mothers will be coming from me and Stephanie Dray, as well!
Thanks for reading!

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